Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tarleton Tip Thursday!

From now on, the TSMRI blog will be featuring a new social media tip each Thursday.

Today's tip concerns Twitter.  For those of you who are "Twitter curious", there are several great ways to explore the site without signing up for an account.

One is to virtually follow conferences.  Most conferences now offer a hash tag (the pound sign, #, followed by a keyword) so that people looking for related tweets can find them all on one webpage.  This lets you keep up with conversation, network with others and find great resource links--free!

For example, Friday, January 20 - Monday, January 22 is the American Library Association's MidWinter Conference in Dallas, Texas.  Their hashtag is #alamw.  To pull up related tweets, you can do the following:

The default view is for  the top tweets--updates that have been re-tweeted (or re-broadcast) the most by other Twitter users. To view all related tweets, click All near the top of the page.

What if you want to archive conference tweets?  Great question--and one which will be covered in next week's tip.

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