Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Social Media 101: Blogging for College Students

Many college students may wonder how writing a blog could ever help you with career goals.

“Blogging? Isn’t that like a personal diary online,  for anyone to read? How could blogging ever help me in my career goals? Isn’t blogging for moms or people who never moved out of their parents’ house?”  

Blogging isn’t just for people who want to “share their feelings” and hope that someone responds; Blogging can also be a great tool to develop yourself and showcase your skills, regardless of your major or any career interest. 

Rosie Templeton, the writer of Absolutely Agriculture, is an agriculture communications student from Canada who writes about agriculture. Writing every week showcases her writing skills and knowledge about agriculture.

The Cattle Battle blog header. Obtained with permission from Rosie Templeton.

Blogs are a great way to share your opinion about your passion, or whatever it is that gets your heart pumping. The Cattle Battle is a blog written by Jeralyn Stephens, a graduate student at Tarleton State University. She writes about everything from her experiences with products she tries to Tarleton traditions and even her marathon adventures.   

Jeralyn also has includes key elements that make her blog exceptional for career preparation; under her “work samples” tab she shares her resume, writing samples, design samples, internship reflection, and more. Her blog offers the opportunity for someone to see what a professional individual she is and hire her. 

The Cattle Battle blog header. Obtained with permission from Jeralyn Stephens.

So whatever your major-- if you are passionate about it, why not share your story?
Follow this blog for more tips on how what information you should include in your blog and where to start.

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