Monday, November 21, 2011

Chiming In To A New Network

            Chiming is the new tweeting. Chime.In (currently in beta) is the latest social network focused on interests where people share, connect with others, and build communities around their favorite topicsThis social media platform is more unique than some of the most popular networking sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, or even the infamous Facebook.

            Chime.In allows users to choose a variety of interests, such as fashion, news and opinion, music, and marketing and advertising, upon signing up. This feature is one of the innovative ways Chime.In “chimes in” to their users. Chimers no longer have to worry about what an acquaintance is eating for lunch; users can filter their “chimeline” through specific interests.  With this feature, users are able to follow part or all of a person's updates. If you are following a fan of music and social media and you’re only interested in social media, you will only see their posts about social media. Users are also able to create their own interests, which people can follow. The possibilities are endless.
            For social media users addicted to a large following base, Chime.In might not be a recommended platform; the network is mainly interest-based and not user-based. One of my favorite features on this network is the ability to see the people interested in the same topics. On Twitter, people can see trending topics or search for topics, but many posts are useless.
This interest network also allows users to join “communities” including everything from social media, photography, cute animals, and craft beer. When users are following a community they can join in on the discussion for that particular community.  Through a community, users are allowed to post “chimes” or updates, media, links, and polls.  It conveniently lets users share findings and interests with other networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The network collaborates well with Twitter and Facebook because you don’t have to sign up for a new account and remember another password. Users are offered the choice of signing in with their Twitter or Facebook account.
             It makes sense that the creator of Chime.In is no other than Bill Gross, CEO of the developer for Echofon and Ubersocial, the smart phone applications for Twitter. Chime.In is innovative, easy to use, and full of interesting pictures, polls, news articles, videos, and many more posts.
            For people who aren’t interested in high school acquaintances or don’t get the social networking craze, interest networking may be your thing! Another incentive: Chime.in will give users half the revenue they receive from advertising on their page. Sign up, search your favorite communities, interests, friends, and don’t forget to Chime.In.

Megan Matthews, a TSU senior from Waxahachie, is an intern with the Texas Social Media Research Institute.

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