Monday, October 31, 2011

Give your social media account a check-up

Today it is difficult to find someone without a social media account. Social media can give insights into your character, values and personality. 

How do your social media accounts represent you?

I asked myself this same question and after hearing about the website www.socioclean.com from a fellow TSMRI intern; I had to check it out. Socioclean is a free website that runs reports on your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts. It provides you with a grade based on an A-D scale and a detailed report. The report is presented in graphs, charts and categorical breakdowns, which make it very user friendly and easy to understand. It breaks down wall posts, status updates and picture comments into subcategories of profanity, alcohol/drugs, sexuality and racial references.

Facebook is my most active social media account so I logged in and let Socioclean do its thing. After a few minutes of combing through my 5 years of Facebook information my report was available. I am proud to stay that I made an A, 65% better than the average user. But my pride soon turned to dismay after reviewing the categorical breakdowns. Although I use safe social media practices, my friends do not. The majority of red flags that appeared on my report came from comments, wall posts and tags that my friends made. The breakdown on this stated that 14.3% came from me and the other 85.7% came from my friends. This reminded me that I have the ability to filter, hide and delete anything posted on my account.

The only issue I have (a very slight one), is that it is unable to separate names from brands. For  example, the name of my friend Bailey raised the number of alcohol references in my report. Socioclean is a fantastic tool for anyone with a social media account to use. It is safe and requires that the user accept Socioclean to visit the account. Once you log out, it logs out of your account as well. Socioclean was launched in October 2010 by creator Priyanshu Harshavat, a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology and a serial entrepreneur.

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