Monday, April 25, 2016

App Review: Tweetbot - Tweeting Outside the Box

Tweetbot is an app for Twitter only available for iOS and Mac devices. Essentially, it combines what all other Twitter websites and applications do (such Klout) and puts them together. It was $4.99, which I thought was a little ridiculous when the Twitter app is free, but it does have some interesting features I did not know I needed. You can see activities such as how many people your tweet reached that day and over time. One of the features I did like is how it tells you who follows and unfollows you daily. There are a few different versions depending on which technology you’re using (for example Mac or iPad) and you do not have to be a certain age to use it. The creators of the app are Tapbots, who have also made one other app called Calcbots, which is for unit conversions.
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To be honest, Tweetbot in my opinion is a little out of date. I downloaded Tweetbot 4 for this review. Recently, the Twitter app has made many improvements and now with the same features as Tweetbot, but you save $4.99. Some of the newer features on the Twitter app are the analytics, and being able to switch between accounts. It only takes the Twitter app two clicks to switch between different accounts. In addition to being able to switch from different accounts in Tweetbot, you can also change  information (pictures, cover photo, bio, etc.) and follow and unfollow different accounts. Once again, all of this can be done from the Twitter app. The app features would work better for businesses because they can track their new followers and who unfollowed them.

I think that this app would be interesting after first purchasing it but I do believe the shiny will wear off once people see the app is so similar to the Twitter app. There is not much in it for me. Even though I run a few different Twitter accounts, I find the Buffer app to be better. The Buffer app is the most comparable app and  I prefer Buffer because you can schedule tweets but still see analytics. Not only do they let you schedule, they give you the best time for you to tweet and ideas on what is popular to tweet based on your accounts.

Overall, Tweetbot was an account that was easy to access and navigate. This app is not too different from the Twitter app itself and you can do almost everything and have the same features on the Twitter app. I was disappointed that I wasted almost $5 on this that I could have spent on a Little Caesars Pizza. Shortly after writing this review, the price increased to $9.99.

About the author: Aissa Martinez is a junior communication studies student at Tarleton State University. She works part time as a tour guide, as well as an intern and social media coach for the Texas Social Media Research Institute.

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