Friday, December 4, 2015

Marketer Meets the Meme - A Recap from Mr. Dick Benoit's Session at the Texas Social Media Conference

The 5th Annual Texas Social Media Conference included amazing presentations focused on social media presented by researchers and individuals in the social media fields. Here's one of the presentations by Mr. Richard Benoit from the Tarleton State University Communication Studies Department.

PRESENTED BY: Dick Benoit (Adjunct Lecturer, Tarleton State University - Communication Studies)
DESCRIPTION - Discussion of the origins of memes, examples and case studies of their use in print, mass and social media, as well as analysis of contemporary use of memes in social media, approaching the topic using early diffusion theory and contemporary concepts of cultures and co-cultures impact on the communication environment as related to the efficacy of memes.

Mr. Benoit also distributed a handout to the participants from the Quality Logo Products Company
7 Things Marketers Should Know About Memes (The Ultimate Meme FAQ)

Here's his contact information: benoit@tarleton.edu


The Texas Social Media Research Institute (@TSMRI)

### The Texas Social Media Research Institute (TSMRI) is a group of faculty, staff, and students at Tarleton State University with a mission of conducting social media research; sharing social media best practices; and providing social media education for students, non-profit organizations, state agencies, school districts, and higher education institutions. Contact us: Dr. Jennifer Edwards, Executive Director texassocialmediaresearch@gmail.com

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