Monday, October 20, 2014

Social Media News Roundup 10/20/2014

Grab your coffee and get all the social media news that's fit to tweet (or blog, or Vine, or Instagram...).

Google changes 'to fight piracy' by highlighting legal sites--BBC news
Legal music sites such as Pandora, Vevo,  and Spotify can now pay Google money to show ads at the top of search results. The companies hope that this will take attention away from illegal downloading sites. The BPI (or British Phonographic Industry), which believes that companies should not have to pay for these search result listings, has made 43.3 million requests for Google to take down copyright-violating content.  The RIAA (or Recording Industry Association of America ) has made 31.6 million similar requests.
You can get more information from the following report: How Google fights piracy.

Facebook unfriends federal drug agency -- USA Today
(via The Associated Press)
Facebook sends a letter to the Drug Enforcement Agency warning them that Facebook does not allow fake profiles, whether they are created by individuals, companies, or government agencies.

Revealed: how Whisper app tracks ‘anonymous’ users --The Guardian
Some of The Guardian's findings include the following:
  • Some Whisper users monitored even after opting out of geolocation services
  • Company shares some information with US Department of Defense
  • User data collated and indefinitely stored in searchable database

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