Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grieving with Facebook

Photo by: Gina Shreck

  Researchers have just begun to look into how Facebook is being used by mourners who have lost a loved one.  One example is a young and promising cowboy named Broc Cresta. He was found dead in his trailer at the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo in July of 2012. Broc was an outstanding young heeler working his way toward making the National Finals Rodeo the following December.

Broc’s family created a Facebook page dedicated to him. This page provides his family, friends, and fans a space to grieve. Anyone can write their condolences or a memory that they have of Broc on the wall. The family also use this page as an advertisement for the Broc Cresta clothing line. All of the proceeds from clothing sales go toward his scholarship fund. During the National Finals Rodeo that year, the Facebook administrators used the page as a way to update the results and keep the fans informed.
If you have been comforted by Facebook posts during a time of personal grief, please share your story.

Jessica Taylor is a Communications major at Tarleton State University.

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