Friday, July 5, 2013

Easing your Pinterest Addiction...from a former Pinterest addict

When I first heard about Pinterest I thought,
"How crazy and pointless. Who would want to sit around looking at things online and pinning them to a 'board'?

But, I was wrong. 
So, so wrong.

When I finally acquired my Pinterest account, I wasn’t on it that much.
I mainly used it to occasionally kill time in one of my classes (never mind which one).
Pretty soon.... I was hooked.

Photo credit: Y. Mulhern. Model: C. Money
 My need for Pinterest went from getting on for 30 minutes to hours at a time.  The moment I experienced a pinprick of fatigue or boredom, Pinterest was my first stop. The minutes eventually turned into hours, multiple times a day.  I knew that I had a problem because every sentence out of my mouth began, “So I was on Pinterest and....”

I pinned constantly: in doctors’ offices, waiting in the hall for class, and while resting in bed.  Pinterest was how I relaxed, no question.

With all of the different ways to access Pinterest--the internet, smart phones, and even an app-- becoming a Pinterest addict, even for a short time, is inevitable. 

Kicking Your Habit
Take it slowly.
  • Timing
    Place a time limit on how long you are on your account. Use an actual timer.
  • Log ins
    Limit how many times a day you log in.
  • Less is more
    After logging in once a day for a certain amount of time, log in every other day.  

Although I am no longer addicted, I will never fully get away from Pinterest. And that's OK. Yes, it is a good place to waste time but it also has some great resources. So if you’re like me and can’t eliminate Pinterest totally, just cut back on it and use it as a reward.  Log in when you have accomplished everything--not just to avoid doing something.

What do you look at most on Pinterest? Tell us in the comments.

Sarah Richards graduated from Tarleton State University in the Spring of 2013.


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