Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Twitter Trademark Usage

Are you using the correct Twitter logo on your website?

As of June 6, 2012, Twitter officially changed their trademark to “Larry,” the bird.

Courtesy of Twitter

From then on, using the old “t”  (see below) became a violation of Twitter’s Trademark and Content Display Policy.

(courtesy of https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Twitter.svg)

Twitters do’s and don’ts for usage of the bird are shown below:

Courtesy of Twitter

The correct Twitter icon is available for downloading through their Logo and Brand Policy page.

Apparently, many companies don’t know about, or are too lazy to change to, the new Twitter bird. It has been about nearly a year since the new trademark has been released. Organizations and companies have legal teams that are supposed to know about these things and change it if their company is using the wrong icon. But that is simply not the case most time. I’ve come up with a list of a few companies and organizations that, as of this writing, are still using the wrong icon.

         Fast Food/ Restaurants:

o   Quiznos

         Cosmetic/Beauty Brands:

o   Neutrogena

o   Dove

o   Maybelline

o   Clinique


         Food/Drink Brands:

o   Skittles

o   M&M’s

o   Mars

o   Fiji Water


o   Target (using a modified bird)

o   Kmart

o   Kohls

o   Cavenders

o   RaceTrac

o   Sears

o   JC Penney


o   AT&T

o   Sprint

o   TNT Drama

These are just a few that I found. Same companies don’t always get it right everywhere; they have the bird on their main website, but are still using the “t” on mass emails, like BassPro Shop. 
Sometimes their social media sites are displayed in their actual store or business using the “t” while it is actually correct on their website. Organizations and companies (or you!), need to be aware of Twitter’s guidelines.

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Victoria Greer, an intern with TSMRI, is a sophomore Communications major with a public relations and event management emphasis at Tarleton State University.

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