Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Super Bowl and Social Media

Social media was abuzz on the most watched night of television, the Super Bowl. Twitter posted that there were 24.1 million tweets about the game and halftime show and that doesn't include all of the advertisement tweets.

From the interactive commercials where the ending depended on your vote to clever social media blackout posts to the all kinds of finger pointing about why the lights were out; it was an exciting night!

Coca-Cola debuted cokechase.com where it was up to the fans to chose who won the race to the ice cold cokes! The race was between a lively set of show girls, a group of cowboys, and Badlanders on a trek through the desert on the way to a coke oasis! Coke cleverly has a timeline posted on their site that begins with the original video and then highlights of all of the activity and then ending with the winning group video!

(Courtesy of CocaCola)

The power outage during the ball game was the most tweeted about event during the Super Bowl with 231.500 tweets per minuets

Some took the opportunity to be funny or cute...
(Courtesy of Twitter)
(Courtesy of Twitter)
(Courtesy of Twitter)

While there was a bit of defensiveness about who's fault the power outage was..
(Courtesy of Twitter)

Then there was some companies that took advantage of the power outage with some of the quickest social media comebacks...  
    (Courtesy of Oreo and Twitter)                  (Courtesy of Tide and Twitter)

Overall it was a great night to be on social media sites, whether you were sharing your opinion about your favorite commercial, tweeting about the power outage, or even watching the game. What was your favorite part of Super Bowl XLVII?

Hannah Miller is a senior Agriculture Communication student at Tarleton State University. You can find  her on Twitter as @ambitiouscattle or check out her blog www.theambitiouscattlegirl.blogspot.com.

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