Friday, January 18, 2013

Pinterest on a Budget

Decorating your room, bathroom, apartment, or house can be costly, but, as many people are learning, the do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts look just as wonderful without the price. DIY craft ideas are becoming more and more popular thanks to Pinterest. From planning a dream wedding to children's crafts, Pinterest has just about every DIY idea you can imagine. 

            Many people have boards on their own profiles that contain ideas for creating decorations for individual rooms or even the holidays. Pinterest on a budget may seem like a contradiction in terms.  When I think of crafting, I think of lots of money spent on materials. However, many crafts are as simple as coloring Styrofoam balls and spraying them with glitter for the added touch of design. Hundreds of designs are available on Pinterest that can be designed and created with a small budget.
Searching "DIY" in Pinterest yields a variety of ideas.
Setting a budget at the start of your project allows for you to see the price of the products used as well as the final costs. The number of crafts that can be made on a budget depends on the individual and the materials used.

For example, Megan Cockerham is an avid crafter who gets many of her ideas from Pinterest. One of the crafts she had pinned on her board “Crafts” was modeled to resemble a stained glass window With pins like this, you are sure to have craft ideas for every day.
                Katherine Martin is a junior speech communication major at Tarleton State University. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter. 

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