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Measurement Review: Iconosquare

This is part of our series on social media measurement tools.

Discovering Iconosquare – a tool for your Instagram!

Iconosquare logo
Iconosquare's logo.

Iconosquare is a measurement and analytics tool for your Instagram account. When this tool analyzes your account it does more than just a broad overview, it really gets into detail. Not only does it update every hour to keep you up to date, but it also exports and reports for you and tracks your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). You can track everything from hearts given to your engagement rate. These updates are delivered to you by email with your daily, weekly, and monthly numbers.

Iconosquare also helps you to really get to know your Instagram community by tracking your follower and following growth, your gained and lost followers, your top followers, and your most important lost and gained followers, as well as informing you of your relationships on Instagram (who follows you back and who you do not follow back). This awesome tool even tells you what states and countries your follows are located in, which may be of importance to growing businesses. If that wasn’t enough, the analyzing portion of this tool also breaks down your public and private following base.
Content and engagement  play a large role with this tool. Iconosquare allows you to visualize your post history and your posting habits.  They allow you to see how often you use hashtags and certain filters, your likes and comments history, filter impact, hashtag usage, hashtag growth and hashtag engagement, as well as the best time of day to post.

Iconosquare dashboard screen shot
Screenshot from Iconosquare.

Iconosquare saves you time managing your Instagram account. This tool allows you to link more than one account and to create custom feeds for the needs of each account you are managing. Iconosquare provides you with an account manager and live support for whenever you need help or have questions.

There is a free seven day trail, and after that you can buy either monthly or yearly and can choose either plus, elite, or corporate.
Monthly: Plus ($4.90) Elite ($14.90) Corporate ($49.90)
Yearly: Plus ($28.80) Elite ($149.00) Corporate ($499.00)
Each allows different bonuses.

While Iconosquare is a great tool, it does have competitors. The top three competitors being Agorapulse, Social Studio, Simply Measured, and Schedugr.am. While Iconosquare offers a lot, these are close alternatives to the tool, offering a lot of similar features.

This tool is intended for businesses and companies trying to grow their social media or businesses and companies trying to reach their audiences and get their business or word out. Marketing departments can greatly benefit from Iconosquare but so could individuals who are trying to grow their following base or their name. Iconosquare is a great fit for any audience that would want to use it, simply because it offers everything that you could want for your Instagram account. For example, if I were looking to start a boutique, growing my personal following base would greatly benefit me in the future when I open my boutique.

Positives of this tool would be how it can break down just about any part of your Instagram – filters to where your followers are located. Negatives of this tool were that it took over an hour to analyze my account when I first uploaded it, and it has been known to record the wrong number of followers/following and limits the number of items that can be viewed. There has been no explanation why, but it has been fixed.

This tool runs everything from large to small databases, the more data that you have, the more that it is able to analyze for you. Don’t scare away if you have a couple of Instagram accounts, you can easily link each and receive data for each.

What’s in it for you?
This tool literally breaks down every part of your Instagram into charts, graphs, and easy-to-read data that will allow you to analyze any part of your account,. from figuring out your most popular filters and interactive hashtags!

Iconosquare is totally worth your time money, and digital space. This tool makes measurement and analytics of your Instagram so simple. Anything that you could or would want to figure out about your Instagram influence is all laid out for you in simple graphs and charts. Not only that, it’s easy to learn. I’m not the most tech savvy person and I picked it up rarely fast. After a week using the tool, I have not gotten bored with it yet. You are always posting and getting likes, and gaining new followers - just as that is exciting, this tool analyzing it, is as well.

If you are interested, this product's easy to find! Just visit Iconosquare.com.

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