Monday, December 21, 2015

Latest in Social Media Research - New issue of Journal of Social Media in Society

The Journal of Social Media in Society published its Fall 2015 issue.
Check out the latest in social media research:

  • Social Comparison of Idealized Female Images and the Curation of Self on Pinterest by Neil Alperstein (Loyola University Maryland)
  • “Who are we Online?” Approaches to Organizational Identity in Social Media Contexts by Veronica R. Dawson (University of Utah)
  • Media and Identity in the Margins: The Garifuna Response to Social Media by Jared Johnson (Oklahoma State University) & Clark Callahan (Brigham Young University)
  • Facebook As A Campaign Tool During The 2012 Elections: A New Dimension To Agenda Setting Discourse by Arthur D. Santana (San Diego State University) & Lindita Camaj (University of Houston)
  • Facebook, YouTube and Instagram: Exploring Their Effects on Undergraduate Students’ Personality Traits by Norsiah Abdul Hamid, Mohd Sobhi Ishak & Siti Syamsul Nurin Mohmad Yazam (Universiti Utara Malaysia)
Our next issue will publish in May 2016. Check out our archives and search feature at thejsms.org to find other research.

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