Friday, November 13, 2015

Texas Social Media Conference - Lunchtime Twitter Chat (Sponsored by Sprouts Farmers Market)

This year, we decided to do something truly innovative at lunchtime (instead of a traditional speaker). We hosted a Twitter chat! This lunchtime chat enabled conference attendees to network, participate in a contest, and to develop ideas for their individual (and organization-based accounts).

Each participant was invited to participate in the lunchtime Twitter chat. To participate in the chat, they were asked to search for the hashtag (#TXSocialMedia). The 30 minute chat was all about responding to questions that were released every six minutes. The Social Media Coach in your room will let you know when a new question is released.

To engage in the Twitter Chat contest, please remember to utilize the Sprouts Farmers Market account username and use the hashtag #TXSocialMedia on your personal or organization account(s). We will award the top individuals with the most engagement and the most creative photo.

Here are the winners of the "Social Media in Practice" Lunchtime Twitter Chat Contest: Your usernames will be posted on our website as winners for the next year. BRAGGING rights!

By forming their own scheduled chats (weekly, etc.) for your organization or business accounts, the participants were told that they could potentially expand the number of followers you engage on social media and you can build your networks. Some other innovative ways you can utilize social media chats is to incorporate diverse platforms, such as Facebook chats (within groups), Periscope chats, and Instagram chats. Participants were also asked to please post a reflection about the Twitter Chat Contest on Twitter or Instagram.

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