Monday, September 28, 2015

Engaging with K-12 Parents on Social Media (Especially Facebook Pages)

As a new millennial teacher, you could follow five these steps for promoting parent involvement in your class social media page:

1 - Produce a video (on YouTube) focused on HOW you would like the Facebook page (or other page) to function and the benefits the page provides to the parent.

2 - Email this video with an introductory message to the parents.

3 - Schedule Facebook page updates for the parents. (This can function as a time management hack for you during the school year).

4 - Provide interactive post experiences for your parents. (For example, provide an assignment for the weekend and invite parents to post the results of the assignment via a picture on the class page. The students do not have to be pictured on the page. Here's an example of how parents can feature their kids without showing their faces. I try to avoid facial recognition technology for my little one and I like her photographs (from a mommy blogger) - http://mommysnippets.com/diy-dinosaur-fossils/

5 - Provide praise for your parent (and legal guardian) participants!
Sometimes, they just need a little encouragement! Maybe you can provide a social media parent of the month incentive?

Some ideas!

@drjtedwards - Executive Director of the Texas Social Media Research Institute

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