Monday, September 29, 2014

10 Must-Have Items at a Blogging Conference

We just arrived back to our university and we are attempting to remember as much information as possible about the conference.

1 - A Tablet or Smart Phone

2 - A Wireless Keyboard (we had a wireless apple keyboard and a Anker keyboard)

3 - A Lightweight Computer
4 - A USB Charger (we had an Anker charger and a generic company promo charger)

5 - Bottles of Water

6 - Kleenex/Tissues
7 - Snacks! You never know when you will have to consume a snack (or two) to sustain your appetite

8 - Charging Cords/a surge protector (You do not want to be known as the person who keeps his/her telephone plugged to the wall all day without being courteous to others.)

9 - Business Cards - During the conference, the students were exposed to various types of business cards (thick, thin, matte, and also business cards created from recycled materials). <- This was exceptionally neat for the environmentally conscious!

10 - A great (professional, high quality camera)

Bonus - A Positive Attitude and a Professional Demeanor - The conference is not a research conference, but positive, professionalism is always desired by all (especially if you are networking with other bloggers and/or brands).

What are other must-have items that you would add to @TSMRI's list?



1 comment:

  1. Yes! The phone chargers, power cords, and extra batteries are a must. Comfortable/ "walk-able" shoes too! Positive attitude and gratitude goes a long way.


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