Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Just Look it Up: Undergraduate Student Perception of Social Media Use in their Academic Success

Have you seen the most recent issue of our peer-reviewed academic periodical, The Journal of Social Media in Society?  If not, you may have missed this article:

Jill L. Creighton, Jason W. Foster, Libby Klingsmith, Darren K. Withey


College students are increasingly using social media.  This case study explores how traditionally aged college students perceive social media use contributes to their academic success.  We used survey data collected at a college student union to understand the social media students use in their academic pursuits and to inform a focus group discussion.  Findings indicate that students do not differentiate between technology and social media, and that they rely heavily on social media to facilitate their academic success.  This case study indicates that while using social media extensively may create minor issues for students, proper use can support academic endeavors.


college; university; social media; academic success; technology; student learning; traditionally-aged students

This article is especially relevant at the moment, as the Association of College and Research Libraries has recently revised their Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.  Information literacy can be loosely defined as the ability to locate and evaluate information for relevant needs using a variety of platforms. You can download a PDF of the article here.

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