Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tarleton Tip Thursday: How to tag names on Facebook

Want to tag a friend in a status, a comment, or the local coffee shop you go to every morning? Recently Facebook has made this easier then you might have thought in a just of couple of clicks.

You can now tag without having to worry about the @ symbol.
Now all that you have to do, is to capitalize the first letter of the name you wish to tag.   

courtesy of Jennifer Cunningham Facebook profile page

The newest feature is being able to just use a person's first name. This can be done by choosing the person in the list of names that comes up. When you type the first letter, then once you choose a name you press the 'backspace' or 'delete' button so only their first name will show. 

courtesy of Jennifer Cunningham Facebook profile page

Enjoy your easy tagging from now on!

If you have a social media tip or questions about a social media platform please contact us at texassocialmediareasarch@gmail.com

Jennifer Cunningham is a TSMRI intern & a PREM major at Tarleton State University set to graduate in 2015

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