Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tarleton Tip Thursday (# 25): Give your social media managers a break

Or this might be better titled: Why your social media manager needs a break!?!

Summer at the Texas Social Media Research Institute means that most of our interns are studying abroad, working and relaxing. And that means the heavy lifting of feeding the social media beast falls to one woman. She’s a superwoman, but every social media manager needs a break. 
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 And here’s why:

1. Creating content is a full-time job. Content is what keeps us coming back and each outlet requires new content that fans will want to share. It can be exhausting keeping up with all of your outlets. Your manager is curating finds for Facebook, taking pictures for Pinterest and writing smart copy for the blog. This doesn’t happen magically – there is work involved.

2. Prevent burn-out. A quick online search will provide proof that it existsYou want your social media manager refreshed and ready to respond to fans. This person is the social media “face” of your organization and sets the tone for your online brand. Think of a customer relations person who is tired of dealing with people. It’s the same concept and you definitely want happy people in charge of communicating with your followers.

3.  New ideas. While giving your social media manager a much-needed vacation to unplug, the social media sitter will bring a new perspective to the outlets. While we all try to generate new content ideas, the drudgery of posting every day can become routine and formulaic. The newbie has a unique vantage point and set of skills to bring to the big show.

4. Appreciation. It’s not until you click through the mouse (a lame attempt at a digital “walk in their shoes”) of your social media manager that you realize the magnitude of keeping up with multiple social media outlets. This might also help with job security--the person manning the desk in your absence will gladly hand the reins back and comment on how much work social media management is.

So, we celebrate the mid-point of Yvonne Mulhern’s mini-vacation from TSMRI’s social media and hope we are making her proud! We also want to shout to the rooftops that we appreciate all that she does for the Texas Social Media Research Institute. Another big thank you goes to Emily Salinas who is making this social media break possible. Please remember your social media managers this summer and offer to help for even a day or two. The reprieve will be much appreciated.

Tell us how you're helping your social media managers this summer. Post a comment or email us at texassocialmediaresearch @ gmail.com.

Sarah Maben, TSMRI co-director, is an assistant professor at Tarleton State University.

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