Thursday, March 29, 2012

Social media and Photo-Editing: Doing it Right (TTT #10)

Welcome back to Tarleton Tip Thursdays, where every week we give you tips to help you harness the power of social media.

The instagr.am photo editing app is spreading like wildfire. The app allows users to crop and edit photos before sharing them on various social networking sites. We suggest that users download this FREE app and experiment with the ease at which you can do photo editing. Currently Instagram is only compatible with iOS, although they promise to share Android soon, too.

Feel free to send some of your favorite edits to TSMRI.interns@gmail.com and see if your photo will be featured next week!

instagr.am is a photo-editing application with a variety of filters.

  1. Make sure you are not violating copyright law. The best way to ensure that you have a legal right to the photo is to take it yourself.
  2. Center your subject. When you are taking (and cropping) pictures, make sure that your subject is centered for maximum attention.

  3. Less is More.   In order to avoid having an image that is too "busy" be sure to limit your editing. Don't add a border and recolor the image and add a "fun" font.

    instagr.am allows users to crop photos                   After cropping, you can select other features.
    before sharing them.

Monica Pierce is a Communications major and head intern of the Social Media Committee at the Texas Social Media Research Institute.  She is also the owner of Lilah, the subject of the photos above.

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